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We believe in sustainable beauty. 

In our quest to preserve nature we only use products that have a clean nature based and natural ingredients, of whom are responsibly sourced aiming to offer our guests more value with high performance at a smaller environmental footprint.



All hair colours that are global (full head) are corrective and transformative services. Whether your next hair journey be in a new direction ie hair transformation / reversal/ vivid or purely just a combination of many techniques; Your Bespoke colour is designed purposely for you and your hair type and hair goal. 


NB: These services are extremely technical and do take time Min 3 hrs. Half Day (3/4hrs), Full Day (6/ 8hrs)  

Bespoke Colour $200ph


Cap Streaks

Choose from either a half head or a full head application. Cap streaks or the Streaking Cap gives hair that really natural finish. It looks more like nature through sun, salt and its environment's rather Erin your hairdresser. They also grow out differently it's a great alternative to foiling and less time spend in the chair.

Personalized Gloss 

What's a gloss? A gloss is a fancy name for a toner. it's technically a demi permanent hair colour. Where would you use this? A gloss is our most popular colour finish especially after a highlighting/ lightening service. 

Retouch Tint 

Application applied to 4-6 weeks' worth of natural hair growth.

Highlights/ Foils/ Foliage/ Balayage 

Are all different techniques to add and remove dimension to your hair colour. The names of these techniques change constantly but the results are bespoken to you. Your either Blonde, Auburn or Brunette or a nice in-between. We call that Bronde. 


Global colours are colours that are applied from scalp to ends an example of these are: Fashion Colours /Colour Melts/ Powder Lightener/ Micro Foil/ Natural Foil/ Balayage/ Dimensionally Creative or Contemporary Colour. Please refer to our Bespoke Colour Transformation Service.


This menu is a complete specialty.

Bespoke to your individual style.

Wig Restyle 

So, you recently brought a wig, and you absolutely love it, but you've worn it to death and it's not looking quite the same. This service is a cleanse, dry and restyle only. The service can be performed on both Synthetic/ Hybrid and Human Hair wigs. 

Brow Bleach + Tone 

Sometimes a human might want a change, it doesn't have to be full head - hair colour change sometimes just changing your brow colour can give you the boojee new look you're after. .

Natural Brow Tint 

Have you lost your brow definition? or maybe there just too blonde/white to notice anymore...Or maybe you've done a hair colour change and want your brows to match. You need this.  Where not shaping just tinting. 

Lash Tint 

So, you have your new or refreshed hair colour your face and skin has now been redefined by those freshly tinted brows but what about my lash's??? Oh hey! We do them too. After all they are hair, and we are hairdressers. ;) 


Aroma Mist  

Do you have naturally dehydrated hair or is your hair in need of some hydrating love? Our lite mist therapy not only rejuvenates the scalp with its blue light therapy but also helps hair to absorb your basin treatment. Its calming scent and warm steam makes this treatment perfect for those who dont like head massages or are just looking for some simple TLC.

Zen in Peace

Crafted from all natural ingredients, this nutrient rich spa like treatment provides a gentle recharge. Catch a vibe and close your eyes with a 5 min reset neck and head massage. 

Reconstructor Elixir 

Are you time poor? This treatment is added into your tint/gloss service. Crafted from all natural ingredients, this spa like treatment provides a deep repair yet gentle recharge whilst your colour processes. 

Malaysian Hair Spa

Time to unwind and escape to paradise. Boost circulation and unclog impurities in the hair whilst drifting away to flow state.


This Treatment begins by thoroughly analyzing the scalp and hair. We carefully select the shampoo/ mask tailored to you. The service involves preparing, purifying, exfoliating, deep cleansing massaging to treat both hair and scalp using an acupressure lymphatic technique.


The result not only provides the benefits of pure relaxation and rejuvenation, but it also releases alpha waves in the brain and increasing micro circulation and lymph flow. Please allow an hour to 1hr.5 for this service depending on hair length and density. 


Sensory Appointments.


The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is a simple tool for you to voluntarily share that you have a disability or condition that may not be immediately apparent, so if you need a little bit more time to make decision were here for you. We will guide you through your appointment. You're in a safe space here. 


Silent/ Hidden Mirror Appointments

If you find salons to be overwhelming or you just want to focus on you and your time here or maybe bring in your work laptop, please dont hesitate to let us know. We will inform surrounding stylist that your here for a silent appointment to let you be. The only conversation had will be during the consultation and direction when colour needs to be removed at the basin. As for hidden mirror appointments these are becoming increasingly popular. Aint nobody wants to sit in front of a mirror for that long. So, let's remove the awkward feeling if sitting in front of one. 



Its already a luxury to come to the salon. It's even more of a luxury to have the same professional with you for the duration of your entire appointment.

When you request this service there will be no juggling two or more guests. No other guest will be booked during the time of your private session. Just you, your stylist, the book in your hand and the soft  music playing in the background.

Priced per colour processing times.

hour $200
45 Min $125


Hair Styling Trials 

Champagne or Cocktail of the week on arrival. A trial of your fav hairstyle. Make it a two hour exclusive and we'll add an extra 3 hairstyles for you to try out.

A 2hr trial is a great option for the undecided.

We then take out the "omg I love this" hairstyle, to keep it a surprise for your big day. You can either finish the service with a cleanse and blow-dry or restyle the hair into a more casual way to compliment the rest of your day’s activities.


Design! Our fancy name for a haircut. To guarantee finesse. All design services are finished with a blow-dry. Please note we are ageless and a gender-neutral salon. 

Styled Design Cut 

A styled hair cut is still a haircut regardless about how long or short, thick or fine your hair is, whether you have a hair piece, hair extensions or all your natural. Design is all about skill. experience, longevity and results. 

Restyle Design Cut 

We'd love to design a style that right for you!

Looking to change it up? This one's for you. 

NB: For all new clients your first cut with Erin is price stated above as a restyle. 

Choose your Finish. 

A Finish is a fancy name for how you end your hair service. Plz note. No salon guest is to leave the salon with wet hair. We cannot guarantee amazing if the finish is not part of the service. 


Prep and set its the most important part of any blowdry. Without a great foundation your hairstyle will not last. Please let us know prior to your finish whether or not we are able to finish with styling products.



Ahhh my favourite, its like applying the setting spray to a face of make up. Its the final detaiils This is where you see your visions pop. Its like taking photo from a magazine or your socials saved and the recreating it and placing that look on your head. Its glorious! 

We believe in sustainable beauty. In our quest to preserve nature we only use products that have a clean nature based and natural ingredients, of whom are responsibly sourced aiming to offer our guests more value with high performance at a smaller environmental footprint.


Salon Policy: '

No guest is to leave the salon with wet hair. 


NEW CLIENTS: Colour Consultations are complimentary as are Patch / Strand TestsPatch tests are preformed 24 - 48 hours before your initial colour appt. They are to test for any allergy. Please be prepared to have a patch test prior to your day of service colour.


Children under the age of 6months are welcome to attend your appointment with you. Any child older than this please no hard feelings, the salon is not a safe place for little ones who like to roam. If you're not able to find a sitter. please contact us.


Cancellation Policy: Services can be amended, changed and rescheduled up to a week prior to your in-salon hair appointment. Confirmation texts and emails go out a week before your appointment. Failure to let us know within 48 hrs of your service that you cannot make your appointment you will be invoiced a last-minute cancellation fee. Which is 50% of your missed service total. Failure to attend your appointment, you will be invoiced the entire missed service amount. Any future appointments will not be made or will be declined if booked online until this has been finalized.



We are a small business, we do our best to accommodate every guest who chooses to sit in our chair. We thank you for understanding.

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