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We believe in sustainable beauty. Our colour lines are ecofriendly. In our quest to preserve nature we only use products that have a clean nature based and natural ingredients, of whom are responsibly sourced aiming to offer our guests more value with high performance at a smaller environmental footprint.


Salon Policy:

Silent Appointments are available. This is your time to switch off and enjoy the zen. We won't be offended please let us know during the consultation process of your appointment if you'd prefer a sensory appointment.


NEW CLIENTS: Colour Consultations are complimentary as are Patch / Strand TestsPatch tests are preformed 24 - 48 hours before your initial colour appt. They are to test for any allergy. Please be prepared to have a patch test prior to your day of service colour.


Children under the age of 6months are welcome to attend your appointment with you. Any child older than this please no hard feelings, the salon is not a safe place for little ones who like to roam. 


No guest is to leave the salon with wet hair.

Thanks for understanding. 

Feel free to browse our salon services below


This is a menu option for single priced services they are not in packages and package upgrades cannot be added to these services. 


Personalized Gloss Toner $70


Basin Balayage $70

Hair Line Tint $52 

Retouch Tint $90 

Global Single Colour $120-$220

Global Colour Melt $220-$270.

PL Retouch from $110

Cap Streaks Half from $130 

Cap Streaks Full from $150

Price per Foil $10

Partial Foils from $150

Half Head foils from $170

3/4 Head Foils from $195

Full Head Foils from $220 

Half Mirco Foils from $400

Full Mirco Foils from $600

Partial Balayage from $150

Half Head Balayage from $200

Full Head Balayage from $240


Glass Mist $10 

Is a Uv Anti Humidity treatment. applied to the hair before commencing your blow-dry. 

Cleanse & Blow-dry Pixie Short $40

Cleanse & Blow-dry Medium $60

Cleanse & Blow-dry Long $80 

Cleanse, Prep & Set $130

Especially good for hair that does not hold curl. Prep + Set is a pinned style or blow-dried curl left to cool before taking out and styling to place Is an add on treatment.

Styling $220pp

Up + Down Styling: Hollywood Sets/ Glam + Finger Waves/ Voluminous Blowouts / Low, Midi, High Buns + Ponytails/ Braids. 


Hair Cut & Blow-dry $90

Restyle Cut + Blow-dry $120

Looking to change it up? This one's for you.

NB: For all new clients your first cut with Erin is price stated above. 


Corrective Colour Services $200 ph. 

If you are after a full colour transformation​; whether it be something new, reversal even colour removal, vivid or pastel You will fall under this category.


These services are extremely technical and are a timely process, so therefore are charged by the hour. ​Please be aware when booking online that you leave time for a service such as this. Anywhere between 6 to 8 hours



A touch up service tailored to your individual colour and styling goals. Includes but not limited to colour application, basin treatment (not including Hair spa) and complimentary finishing service. NB Please note prices are subject to change based on colour processing time. Please refer to below page for what is a hair sanctuary. service.


Retouch Tint from $235

A Retouch tint is applied to the whole head of hair Regrowth only. 4 to 6 weeks growth 

Global Tint $435

A global tint. Is one solid colour application of colour applied from root to ends. 


Powder Lightener RT. $435

Powder Lightener is the technical name for the product used for a scalp bleach. RT is short for retouch fancy name for a regrowth service.

Fashion Colour(poa)

If you're after a fashion colour (vivid/pastel) please refer to our colour correction menu.


Partial Foils $395

Half Head Foils $405

3/4 Head Foils $425

Full Head Foils $455


What are mirco Foils? Micro foils are 2x the amount of natural look highlights applied in one service.


Half Head M/F $725

Full Head M/F $1125


Half Balayage $465

Full Balayage $505


Half Head Caps $375


Full Head Caps $395



Scandi Hairline $10


Tip Out $30 

K`8 Treatment $20

Extra Colour per 10grams $10


Brow Bleaching $80

Brow Toner $38

Brow Tint $38

Lash Tint $40




Its already a luxury to come to the salon. It's even more of a luxury to have the same professional with you for the duration of your entire appointment.




When you request this service there will be no juggling two or more guests. No other guest will be booked during the time of your private session. Just you, your stylist, the book in your hand and the soft  music playing in the background.

Priced per colour processing times.

hour $165
45 Min $125
30 Min $85



Hair Styling 1hr. Trial $260

Exclusive 2 hr. Bridal Trial $300pp

An Exclusive 2 hr. trial includes Champagne or Cocktail of the week on arrival. A trial of your fav top 4 hairstyles.

1x All out (eg Hollywood waves, beach waves etc)

1x Half Up Half Down

1x Low Up Style 
1 x Midi/ High Up Style 

This is a great option for the undecided. We then take out the "omg I love this" hairstyle to keep it a surprise for your big day. You can either finish the service with a cleanse and blowdry or restyle the hair into a more casual wave to compliment the rest of your day’s activities.


Aroma Mist $10

Do you have naturally dehydrated hair or is your hair in need of some hydrating love? Our lite mist therapy not only rejuvenates the scalp with its blue light therapy but also helps hair to absorb your basin treatment. Its calming scent and warm steam makes this treatment perfect for those who dont like head massages or are just looking for some simple TLC.


Zen in Peace $35

Crafted from all natural ingredients, this nutrient rich spa like treatment provides a gentle recharge.

Catch a vibe and close your eyes with a 5 min reset neck and head massage 

Soul Revive   $35

Crafted from all natural ingredients, this spa like treatment provides a deep repair yet gentle recharge.

Catch a vibe and close your eyes with a 5 min reset neck and head massage

Hair Spa $95 - $385

Time to unwind and escape to paradise. Boost circulation and unclog impurities in the hair whilst drifting away to flow state. 


This Treatment begins by thoroughly analyzing the scalp and hair. We carefully select the shampoo/ mask tailored to you. The service involves preparing, purifying, exfoliating, deep cleansing massaging to treat both hair and scalp using an acupressure lymphatic technique.  


The result not only provides the benefits of pure relaxation and rejuvenation, but it also releases alpha waves in the brain and increasing micro circulation and lymph flow. Please allow an hour to 1hr.5 for this service depending on hair length and density.


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