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                               "I GOT IT FROM MY MUMMA
                                              & SHE LOOKS BADASS!"

Okaaay, so I’m writing this for the trendy af mothers because I swear, that there is a legit market for mums who DON’T want to wear navy and lace to their son’s or daughter’s wedding! Please do not google mother of the bride outfits – Google has another thing coming!! Designers – are you hearing this? Seriously, there’ll be no visiting of the Monarch on my watch. (*waves like a Royality) I want your guests to turn around and say,



On my journey of being in the bridal biz for the last several years I have seen some “age appropriate” – oh, hold up, hold up! You know what?! Madonna is in her early 60’s (sorry, what?!) wearing leotards and fishnet stockings (on stage, yes but she’s still doing it). Joni Mitchel & Patti Smith are still rocking long hair, it’s just white now not brown! I mean not everyone can age like fine wine like Stifler’s mum, but that’s not the point. What I’m trying to say is these are ladies who slay and own their greatness! I know your mumma helped you with almost everything to get you to this day, including saying yes to your dress. So, I know she has great taste!! With that being said, I feel like I can omit the word “age appropriate” because yolo (you only live once) and….we live in the 21st century! Yess Girl! (*mike drop*)

Okay, now, what was I saying? Oh yes, during my career as a wedding hairstylist, I have seen gorgeous outfits that accentuate (not hide) curves for both mothers of the bride and groom. These ladies love fashion and follow the latest trends. They are confident and it shows! Don’t let ‘age’ make you say no to wearing what you want. Our advice…just try it on and step into your greatness.



Originally Written for Beyond the Ponytail. Paid Partnership

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