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So, who is 

Erin Shanley?

Erin is a quite natured, tree hugging punk. or a round peg in a square hole. Those closest to her. know her as gentle soul, super optimistic, who has a calming presence and is always egar to tell you life is groovie (yes, spelt with and 'ie' (looks better this way) and if it's not groovie, iit's glorious. Whilst her own personal style might be a little alternative. Behind the style she wears is a softly spoken, positively influenced human with a big heart. 


As a Professionally Qualified Hairdresser, Erin has 16 years' experience within the Hair and Beauty Industry. She's always on the look out for new ideas, methods and technology. Knowledge is power and education brings us closer as an industry and as a people. Erin has been very fortunate with in her careerShe's worked behind the scenes of the most prestigious fashion shows, met and collaborated with some of the most amazing professionals, has provided educational skills overseas to help others hone their craft. She has even worked behind some of the most luxurious weddings to date. No matter where Erin is, you'll always find her living her best life, loving what she's doing. Erin is a great advocate to the industryA Gender-Neutral Hairdresser, where everyone is welcome.

"So come, step into my world and allow me to show you what I can create..."

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